Baking Soda & Vinegar Sensory Play!

Yesterday, we tried something else from the blogger at Mama. Papa. Bubba. … baking soda & vinegar. She called it Moon Painting.. Z didn’t really allow it to become something great to look at, but he did love the activity.

The idea is to use droppers (fine motor) and food coloring with vinegar to explore the chemical reaction.  I started off holding a shot glass full of vinegar while attempting to demonstrate how to use the dropper. He kind of got it, but… there I was, taking videos of my toddler playing with a liquid contained in a shot glass with the word “Floor” on it. Nah. I used the cup holder in the high chair instead and went digging in the cupboard, locating some salt/pepper shakers I won at a Tupperware party. After a little water experimentation, I deemed them safe for a frenzied toddler’s hands.

Since I’m cheap and don’t want to pay $99 for the ability to embed videos, you’ll have to follow the links to see the videos. I didn’t get many pics this time. There’s one on Instagram. I’ve discovered Webstagram, so you can browse over there if you’d like to see the image (click the Webstagram link there to see it).

Anyway, here are the YouTube vids.. I considered adding music to drown out my own voice, but the bubbling sound is too fun. So ignore me. PS- I have been playing with YT’s editing features.. I think the stabilizer option makes it worse. Just me?

Baking soda/vinegar with dropper

Forget the dropper.. use your hands!

Now, the shakers (my favorite.. love his face)

Let me know what you think! What else could I use to let him play with these? He has been talking about baking soda all day. I think I need bigger droppers.

Next on the toddler/crafty list? I dug out my Xyron900 and my Royal Sovereign from college! Magnetic shapes, pics, etc? We’ll see if I can pull it off. The laminator that dad got me laminates paper into hard plastic, like ID cards. I want to make Z some lacing cards, and also got some other great ideas from friends to make puzzles, laminate pictures, etc. I’m even thinking I might be able to create a hard plastic something, then run it through the Xyron to make it magnetic. The magnetic laminate is still super expensive, even for this 10 year old model, but if it works, I’d rather do this than buy them. The only concern is whether the finished products will be too thin for toddler fingers to put on and pull off the board. We’ll see!

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